Data Analyst Fully Remote

Data Analyst Fully Remote

The Data Analyst will be responsible for:

Developing dashboards and reporting to support revenue teams as needed

Attending “live” meetings / VCs with sales teams, clients, and Marketing to represent Shopkick from an Analytics perspective

Using SQL, Python, Excel, and/or other BI tools to answer ad-hoc questions about client campaign performance.

Creating custom analysis of the Shopkick user base to understand how different categories and different types of Shopkick marketing vehicles influence consumers

Constructing and overseeing A/B/* experiments as part of Shopkick’s “test-and-learn” culture

Creating benchmarks and other aggregate insights that would be of interest to key clients, the press, and other external partners

Creating, measuring, and documenting KPIs that will drive focus across the business

Automating, maintaining, and improving all levels of client-facing reporting

Preferred Qualifications

Bachelor’s Degree or higher in a preferably-quantitative field (Math, Computer Science, Engineering, Data Analysis, etc.). All programs of study considered for strong candidates who can show analytical ability. Career switchers are welcome to apply, but please be prepared to demonstrate the skills required.

HARD REQUIREMENT: Ability to extract data from databases by writing SQL, from scratch, including table joins, subqueries, and very basic window functions (rank, row_number, etc.). You’ll be given “Notepad / TextEdit” and need to write some basic code to demonstrate this ability. If you can’t do this, study up and please reapply later.

Understanding of data visualization best-practices and experience in at least one tool through which that understanding can be expressed (Excel, Tableau, Python / matplotlib or other visualization libraries, etc.)

Experience with one or more data visualization / dashboarding tools, esp. Sisense / Tableau / PowerBI / etc. is helpful.

Ability to construct intermediate level Python code to assist with data cleaning, transformation, analysis, or visualization. Use of python packages that allow creation of Office files (Excel, Powerpoint).

Ability to translate analytical results to a data-supported story; excellent written and oral communication skills

Self-learner, self-starter, high degree of intellectual curiousity; ability to thrive in fast-paced startup-y situation where problems are not always well-defined

Interest in digital advertising; understanding of advertising principles

2+ Years of experience in a role where you can explain why your experience is relevant to the Data Analyst role at Shopkick

$Up to 500 K/Year (Annual salary)

Longterm (Duration)

Fully Remote