Quality Engineer- Pune

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The primary purpose of this role is to help ensure product quality, through the planning and execution of:

  • product testing, and/or

  • process/product standards compliance.

This person may have direct involvement in manual or automated test efforts or in developing and managing compliance to standards for process or product quality. Depending on the need and skill level, there may be more technical and/or planning and leadership dimensions to this role.

  • Assure product quality through the development of 'net-new' manual or automated test scripts. This effort should maximize the ROI while minimizing quality risks. Output consistent with department's guidelines

  • Assure process quality and consistency through development or adherence to guidelines and standards appropriate to product and industry and/or development life cycle

  • Leverage (if necessary, develop) metrics-based governance, relevant reporting and audit mechanisms. Assist project manager in identifying data to maintain, and KPIs to analyze and report against

  • When involved in testing, Ensure test design is traceable to requirement and achieves a high level of requirement and test execution coverage. Continuously improve test scripts and product coverage. Complete all updates test cases, test scripts, test harnesses, test guidelines according to schedule

  • Execute all assigned testing, whether manual or automated, according to schedule and any productivity targets committed

  • Support root cause analysis exercises against target areas, propose corrective approaches for measurable improvements, Track and report progress; communicate the plans and results effectively to drive change. Collect and analyze data and other findings, according to plans

  • Produce reports that are clear, effective, insightful, and traceable whether for defects discovered during test or non-compliance issues found during a process review or audit. Utilize existing tracking systems, report mechanisms, agreed conventions, and metrics when preparing and providing such reports

  • Escalate concerns about project/product/process quality in clear, timely, collaborative, constructive way

  • Knowledgeable and conversant in defect prevention and associated tools and methodologies

  • Participate in improvement initiatives. Develop Quality Assurance plans or Test Plans and embed appropriate activities as part of project/product development plans

  • Objectively evaluate processes and products against applicable standards, and procedures

  • Participate in defect reviews or other project efforts, providing clear status when needed

Academic And Professional Qualifications

  • Bachelor's Degree in a relevant Program of study required

  • Relevant post graduate qualifications and professional memberships desired

  • Proactive maintenance of knowledge of test and/or quality standards to improve product or process quality


  • This person will meet the work and professional experience requirements in this field that are appropriate for this level

more details: https://bit.ly/2CYqxeF

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